Andylinn Denise Biersixx


Andylinn kicked Juliet out a long time ago

She’s in between places, as far as we know. She stays where she’s welcome, despite that she has her own small, near empty apartment.

I guess she can’t stand to be alone. Shame.

With Larry close to birthing the seed, Andylinn doesn’t have much time for a clingy accoustic artist (Juliet) stuck to his hip. Not like he actually enjoyed her company anyway.

He’s got to plan what in the hell he’ll do about Nina Adrienne and the baby mama.

Apparently a 13 year old went up and hugged him and he shoved her off and called her a whore in front of Juliet



And fairies also exist too?


Does Juliet use drugs? If so, what?


We’re not 100%, but if she does, it’s most likely that she’s blowing coke

I heard Andylinn called a few of his fans whores, is that true and does he still talk about his fans like that?


Hahaha "fans"

Is that what you guys call a groupie now-a-days?

do people know when he lost his virginity?



He mentioned it in the Bryanstars interview he did with CC

what was that about pregnant Juliet?


Juliet isn’t pregnant.

Read more carefully.

Is andylinn an alcoholic?


He did have a big alcohol problem a couple years back.

It’s not as bad now, but not good either.

Huh, that’s what happens when you’re raised by sorry parents who allow you to smoke/drink since the age of 14.

Think Andylinn will have Juliet sing again on the new album? Seems unwise given her unpopularity these days. Do any of the other band members have a say yes or no?


No one else has much of a say.

But really, if he does let her sing on the new record, it’ll be another push for her “career”

What age are you? :)


Old enough

Do you think Andylinn regrets breaking up with Scout? She seems to be way more down to earth and an overall happy and content person unlike Juliet whose always bitching and complaining about something.


He doesn’t have regrets.

He makes mistakes, forgets them, and moves on.