Andylinn Denise Biersixx


What did you think of the last BVB album & do you think the new album will be better, worse, or more of the same?


Eh, I don’t really care

If Juliet isn't a racial Beard for Andy, is she a sexual one?



The Black Mass Tour will have you feeling some type of way

I mean, Falling in Reverse has been “Added” to the gig, (although we all figured they’d be on tour)

But look, All I can say is that Ronnie probably won’t put up with BVB’s ridiculousness and complete foolishness. He and the rest of good ol’ FIR don’t associate with that life.

Which is contrary to FIR’s previous tour stunts, but you know, they’re not headlining this round…

Either this tour will go hard in the paint, or have everyone wild & out.

I don't want to buy the BVB4 album or even hear it because I'm 75% certain they are going to "surprise" us with Juliet on it & I've had ENOUGH of her singing off-key, garbage "music". No more. Are you going to buy the album? If so, tell us if it sounds alright. M'kay?


I’m not buying a damn thing, but the whole album will probably be leaked here on tumblr again, Just like W&D was.

Huh, wonder who leaked the album…. ;)

Since when is asking what ethnicity you are deemed racist? And you're the ones who are nosy. STAY OUT OF ANDY'S BIZ, SUCKA!!


Chill out, Booker T.

Lemme get this straight. Andy has 4 kids with 4 different women. Are they all Hispanic? I always suspected he had a kinda infatuation or obsession with people of color but he seems closeted about it. Wasn't Scout half Mexican? Hanna Beth Merjos too & now "Larry"? So, I mean is Mama Corns like a Beard or something for him, for his image because she's white?


Scout is a mix of ethnicities, I think.

Anyway, Andylinn does have a thing for “exotic” women. Which isn’t bad, nor good. To each their own, I guess.

Oh, and Juliet isn’t a beard or cover-up in any regards to race.

Aug 5

Where do you get your information from? I'm just curious because I haven't heard half of this stuff before.


It’s all in our FAQ

Aug 5

But this upcoming tour though..

We all know shit is bound to pop off.

It’s also said that Andylinn may bring the offspring with him too.

Not baby mama though. He can’t be bothered with her I guess. Although he has been staying back and forth between her and Juliet, so she can’t be that bad…

We’ll see, people.

Aug 5

Just curious is Andylinn still together with Juliet? She's dumb as a doorknob! I saw her on the APMA and she was absolutely terrible!!!



They have an on and off relationship.

Aug 5

What is going on with Andy and Mama Corns? Has he given her the boot or what? Are these pictures for publicity? Publicity for who?


Her, mostly.

She needs publicity.

More publicity=More fans=More money.

They’re on and off.