Andylinn Denise Biersixx


A tour is no place for a baby anyway. Why would he ever bring his daughter on tour with him, it's really stupid that you even mentioned that.


If you’d read back on our previous posts, we did mention that he MAY bring the kid.

It wasn’t for certain then, but new we know he is not.

Besides, several artists bring their kids on tour. So if he did, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Now, Let’s flip this and say it was stupid that you mentioned it.

So we’ve been away

Yeah we know, we’ve been away, but that doesn’t mean that this blog is over. I could go into detail about how busy we’ve gotten, yadda yadda yadda, but who cares? Let’s get to what’s really important.

Andylinn has been taking more responsibility of his offspring. Whether the kid is growing on him or not, we have no clue. He’s involved mostly because Baby Mama (Larry) has threatened him with legal shit. Child support. The more money he makes, the more she’ll get. And if there’s one thing that Andylinn love more than himself, it’s his money.

He probably won’t be bringing kid on tour either. Only because that’s his time to get wild and not worry about his Baby Mama, “Wife” and Spawn. His only concern would be the next time he gets to bang some road rat and get completely hammered after a show.

So yeah, in other words, this tour is gonna go hard, if you’re into dysfunctional realness.

Actually nasty Juliet will not be on the album because Andy said so himself that there will be no guest singers on this album. Thank god.



Heart of fire is pretty terrible. I had higher expectations. Andy's voice is so different than the previous albums. Sorry but the track (with the exception of the guitars) sounds like a mess and isn't really anything that "stands out" from anything else playing on modern rock radio right now. Hope this isn't a prelude for the rest of the album


Eh. Sounds just like any other BVB song.

So does andylinn find black girls attractive?


Dunno. We’re not him so…

When do you have Homecoming at your school?


We’re not in school

What did you think of the last BVB album & do you think the new album will be better, worse, or more of the same?


Eh, I don’t really care

If Juliet isn't a racial Beard for Andy, is she a sexual one?



The Black Mass Tour will have you feeling some type of way

I mean, Falling in Reverse has been “Added” to the gig, (although we all figured they’d be on tour)

But look, All I can say is that Ronnie probably won’t put up with BVB’s ridiculousness and complete foolishness. He and the rest of good ol’ FIR don’t associate with that life.

Which is contrary to FIR’s previous tour stunts, but you know, they’re not headlining this round…

Either this tour will go hard in the paint, or have everyone wild & out.

I don't want to buy the BVB4 album or even hear it because I'm 75% certain they are going to "surprise" us with Juliet on it & I've had ENOUGH of her singing off-key, garbage "music". No more. Are you going to buy the album? If so, tell us if it sounds alright. M'kay?


I’m not buying a damn thing, but the whole album will probably be leaked here on tumblr again, Just like W&D was.

Huh, wonder who leaked the album…. ;)