Andylinn Denise Biersixx


Will Andylinn and Juliet ever be "on" again?



Just wait and see, I guess.

I like this account although I firmly don't believe in the whole "Larry" thing and that they're "having a baby" I do believe he broke up with Juliet though


We’re not forcing anyone to believe anything, nor do we care.

What was the actual purpose of this ask, anyway?

Useless info. NEXT.

Does Juliet have any current "prospects" in the music industry she can glam onto? Any new guys she has in her sights?


There are several she can leech herself onto, but she’s too busy clinging to Andylinn and can’t let go of the fact that he doesn’t actually want her.

Will Andylinn still help Juliet monetarily since she's in another state and he can't have sex with her?


He claims to, but he’s flaking.

Do any of Andylinn's friends, family ect., keep in Touch with Juliet?



Does Andylinn ever use a condom? I bet he had a lot more children than just 1


We’ve said before that he has quite a few potential baby mamas.

I've read a few rumours going round on the internet about Andy and Oliver Sykes from BMTH fighting and/or having strong hatred for each other and each other's bands. Is this true? And why would Black Veil Brides hate Bring Me The Horizon when most of their fans like both bands?


Shit talking, and fans feeding into it.

Doesn’t get more simple than that.

Who was the other ex that he abused?


Scout and this chick Mercedes

Andylinn kicked Juliet out a long time ago

She’s in between places, as far as we know. She stays where she’s welcome, despite that she has her own small, near empty apartment.

I guess she can’t stand to be alone. Shame.

With Larry close to birthing the seed, Andylinn doesn’t have much time for a clingy accoustic artist (Juliet) stuck to his hip. Not like he actually enjoyed her company anyway.

He’s got to plan what in the hell he’ll do about Nina Adrienne and the baby mama.

Apparently a 13 year old went up and hugged him and he shoved her off and called her a whore in front of Juliet



And fairies also exist too?