Andylinn Denise Biersixx


Being from the UK myself I was gonna get a VIP package for one of the 3 dates I'm doing but then like yourself saw the extra charges and ridiculous postage amount and changed my mind. Like hell I would pay nearly £120 for something I can probably get for free if I wait around after a gig. What they are charging ain't worth it in my eyes.


Whats your opinion on BVB using Pledge Music to fund their next album. I thought they were already working on it? Why are they exploiting teen children to get money from their parents? As "performers" its your mgmt team and your job to perform/release music. Why are you asking children to pay for it? Not only are they asking kids to fund the album but they'll eventually also have to buys ticket to see them perform music from this new album that THEY paid for???


Because 99.8% of their fans are brainless, loaded, middle-upper class brats anyway, so eh, why not take advantage of it?

That demerie chick is saying her mom nd purdy have been dating 4 years nd that his whoreishness is all 4 cameras. But why would he still go on dates/sleep with girls/go to strip clubs if he isn't single?


Well, if “dating” is what you all refer to “fucking” as nowadays.

Dear nosy racist kids

Someone’s ethnicity is all you care about, huh?

"You’re white and think you’re black"

"Are you black?"

Neither of us are black or white, you clueless bastards. And besides, what does it matter what color we are?

Jul 3

Why you regretting the VIP purchases? I thought you wanted to see the guy's? You know see what happens and stuff.


Actually, Andylinn claimed he wanted to meet us first..

The package comes with a bunch of extra bullshit that is not worth near what is being charged, and on top of that, unnecessary service and convenience fees.

Jul 1

Beginning to regret paying all of $105.07 for that damn VIP shit..

BVB made a grip off of us.

Ball ‘til you muthafuckin’ fall, I guess.

So are you paying $200 to get the shirt of Andy's back?



That’s retarded.

So the meet and great packages have been released now. You going to pay to see the guys or just hang around after the show?


Purchase already taken care of.

Now we wait.

But how do you KNOW Andy is a father and about "Larry"? You'd think everyone would know about this. Plus he loves kids and if he had a baby.. He'd be there for her! He'd take responsibility. It would be unlike him to not do so


Read. The. FAQ.

Four kids, Four Baby Mamas..

Alright, remember when we said that Andylinn had a few potential baby mamas?

They ARE his baby mamas.. except for one, we’re not sure about that one..

Any who, one child was miscarried.

Another was aborted by a woman who he was messing around with that was nearly 15 years older that him.

Then we have Nina Adrienne.

Lastly, there’s a boy that may be his, no one is quite sure.. He fathered the kid for nearly a year which is a bit odd, considering that A) it may have not been his and B) he isn’t too set on being a father.